Aamiyahlashayy is a brand and company that is dedicated to making you look and feel good

 We want to encourage the uniqueness of your style while also making you feel/look cozy and cute af ♡

When we say that our pieces are made with love, for you to love, we really mean it. We ensure the TOP quality of all pieces.

Our garments are ethically made to last using premium, high quality fabrics.. All of our garments are ethically manufactured by our direct manufacturing teams in South Asia, and the USA. 

 Aamiyahlashayy is still a growing and evolving brand & company. We are constantly growing right a long with you ! We hope that we can continue to grow as we continue to see demand and love for Aamiyahlashayy the brand 

Exclusively made in small limited runs to ensure 100% sell through and minimal waste. Aamiyahlashayy will forever value sustainable quality products and good working conditons higher than obtaining the lowest prices. With proper and suitable pricing it will be possible for us to use more sustainable fabircs and pay our manufacturing teams who make all of our pieces a good well deserved salary.