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I'm just a kid from Illinois trying to be an example and inspire others. Creating for me brings me a feeling that is unmatched. Creating makes me feel alive. Those times when I struggled to explain myself ,art was the only way out. Out of my head, out of depression and out of bad situations. I believe I can create the life I want because I'm unafraid of what others think of me. I let my ideas manifest and become things that I'm proud to show off. I want the pieces I create to make people feel good. I want you to walk out feeling confident that you look good in whatever piece you are wearing by me. I'm letting you know that you CAN do this too. Keep believing in yourself, keep creating, know that you have a purpose. I'm still evolving into the person I want to be too. We are all out here healing in some way. Peace be upon you, around you, and most importantly within you on your journey to evolving. 

I always put butterflies on things because it represents growth and evolution

Creative, Entrepreneur, Writer, and many more things